Welcome to Art is an Option.

Art is an Option is a Blue Mountains based arts business established as a creative partnership with Philippa Johnson from 1996-2007. Henryk Topolnicki is now the sole trader proprietor creating his own work in a fully equipped Blue Mountains studio. This means complete creative independence. He is an artist who designs original artworks in a variety of media including steel, stone and wood. Art is an Option is a multifaceted business with art being its main focus at the moment.
Art and sculpture remain at the core of the business, though Henryk Topolnicki does commissions in other fields such as interior/exterior design,high quality gates and balustrades and garden art.
While working on commissions, be it a piece of sculpture or a large design project, Henryk Topolnicki always encourages the customers' contribution so that the piece is personal and doesn't become only art for arts sake. Henryk is involved in all stages of the creation process from design to construction through to installation, ensuring no ideas are "lost in translation".
Private commissions and public artworks by Henryk have a distinctive level of delicate-often relating to natural forms such as insects or birds-requiring a very fine level of craftsmanship by the artist. Henryk is an accomplished blacksmith, woodworker and a highly skilled welder.Research on native flora and fauna is an integral part of his creative thinking. This ensures that all the art he completes always successfully merges with its environment.
Art is an Option has completed many large scale sculptures for various government and private customers.